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 A little info about TabToob ...


The TabToob was initially designed to help kids with special needs.  This great patent design quickly evolved into school where kids use their iPads independently with no worries about the iPads being damaged.

 In schools the TabToob is proving to be so popular with students, parents and staff

  Business travellers have caught on to the idea to use the TabToob for travelling to protect their iPads

 The TabToob allows full access to all ports and features of the iPad 2, 3 , 4 and the iPad Air. It comes with a travel screen protector (lid), which doubles as a stand for use in landscape and portrait. (Click on our Instructional Video)

We have thoroughly road tested our TabToobs with our own iPads inside them. They have been bounced downstairs, outside, on slate, on wooden floors, thrown from head height and off tables. They have been bitten, bashed and dribbled on.

We still have our original iPads intact and are very thankful that TabToob does such a good job.


It has been designed to protect your iPad from harm.


The qualities we have designed into the TabToob mean that it can look a little rough and ready this does not interfere with its intrinsic function.


The TabToob is designed to help prevent accidental damage and we don't suggest that you regularly treat your iPad as badly as we have treated ours, as unfortunately we can not guarantee that your ipad will never come to any harm inside your TabToob.


We recommend that young children and vulnerable adults should be supervised at all times.

 Enjoy your iPad in it's new TabToob! 

Wednesday the 15th. Tabtoob.